Why Do We Use Spark Plugs

Mar. 22, 2021

Why Do We Use Spark Plugs

Car spark plugs are part of the ignition system. Its main function is to introduce the high-voltage current of the ignition coil into the engine cylinder, generate a spark between the spark plug electrodes, ignite the mixed gas, make the engine work, and start the car. Due to the different materials of spark plugs, the service life is also different.

Spark plugs, as many people know, do not seem to be surprising, but their effects cannot be ignored. The spark plug is the key to the automobile ignition system, and the ignition system is the key to the engine. The spark plug is a device that ignites the gasoline and air mixture entering the engine. It can work under harsh conditions of high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the wearing parts of the gasoline engine. It plays a very important role in the operation of the engine whether the car is fuel-efficient and whether it runs smoothly have a great relationship with it. The performance of the spark plug is related to the working performance and efficiency of the vehicle.

Most people will not reconsider their ignition system, but these small parts play a vital role in the characteristics of your car. In fact, if you don't have the right spark plugs, your car will probably not run at all. On this blog site, our car repair experts will definitely double-check why your spark plugs are so important, including what they do and exactly how to identify when it might be time to replace them.

Now, many manufacturers will certainly install "extended life" ignition systems in their factories. They are only partly more expensive than ordinary plugs, and they are really good for consumers. The life span of a spark plug is generally around 100,000 miles. When these plugs approach their service life, the gap between the two leads begins to expand, resulting in reduced performance and the possibility of ignition failure. If your plug corrodes to the point where it is damaged, it can cause significant damage to the inside of the cylindrical tube of your engine, which brings extremely expensive repair work to get its care.

When choosing a new spark plug, make sure that the spark plug you choose is suitable for your car. Many auto parts stores will be able to help you do this, and you will also have many different designs to choose from. Materials that use precious metals (such as platinum or iridium) usually cost you more money than materials that use ordinary steel (such as copper), but they are generally much more wear-resistant than materials that use ordinary steel (such as copper).

Your ignition system is made of a very flexible material and can withstand millions of explosions until it runs out or needs to be replaced. But the fact is that gradually, explosions and aging will lead to smaller or weaker sparks, which will lead to a decrease in engine efficiency. It may also cause other problems, including ignition failure.

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