Signs Your Spark Plugs Are Failing

Apr. 13, 2021

Signs Your Spark Plugs Are Failing

When was the last time you changed your spark plugs? In fact, when was the last time you thought about your spark plugs?

The spark plug is the unsung hero of your car. They ignite the air and fuel mixture in the engine cylinders to keep you moving, which is essential for the car's ignition system.

Checking them regularly can prevent serious damage to your car.

What are the signs that your spark plug is broken?

Engine idling

If your spark plug fails, your engine will make a rough and nervous sound when idling. This may cause the vibration to resonate in the vehicle, causing further losses.

The beginning of trouble

The car won't start, you will be late for work... The battery is dead? Low fuel? One often overlooked cause is spark plug failure. Without that vital ignition spark, you will be trapped in place.

Engine ignition

When your engine stalls, it will temporarily stop running because the cylinder is not properly ignited. This can lead to uncomfortable rides and higher emissions.

The engine soars

Again, this can lead to an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride. The engine's working efficiency is low, and the air sucked in during the combustion process is more than usual, resulting in continuous start-stop motion.

High fuel consumption

Are you eating more than before? A malfunctioning spark plug can really reduce your fuel efficiency. A simple replacement spark plug may be the solution.

Lack of acceleration

If your car feels sluggish and the accelerator loses its sensitivity, you can consider replacing the spark plug to speed things up again.

Most people will not reconsider their ignition system, but these small parts play a vital role in the characteristics of your car. In fact, if you don't have the right spark plugs, your car will probably not run at all.

Car spark plugs are part of the ignition system. Its main function is to introduce the high-voltage current of the ignition coil into the engine cylinder, generate a spark between the spark plug electrodes, ignite the mixed gas, make the engine work, and start the car. Due to the different materials of spark plugs, the service life is also different.

Spark plugs, as many people know, do not seem to be surprising, but their effects cannot be ignored. The spark plug is the key to the automobile ignition system, and the ignition system is the key to the engine. The spark plug is a device that ignites the gasoline and air mixture entering the engine. It can work under harsh conditions of high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the wearing parts of the gasoline engine. It plays a very important role in the operation of the engine whether the car is fuel-efficient and whether it runs smoothly have a great relationship with it. The performance of the spark plug is related to the working performance and efficiency of the vehicle.

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