The Life Of Car Ignition Coil

Dec. 11, 2020

The Life Of Car Ignition Coil

Once the ignition coil is abnormal, the spark plug will not work, and the mixed gas in this cylinder will not deflagrate. If the vehicle loses one cylinder, the lack of power is normal.

Generally, when the car ignition coil is seriously aging, there will be a lack of cylinders, and there will be an engine failure alarm.

The failure of the car to an alarm maybe because the fault is not serious, so it can only be felt in the state of rapid acceleration. Everyone should pay attention to this aspect of observation.

Now the car has an ignition coil for each cylinder. In the past, the car only had one ignition coil to ignite each cylinder through the distributor. If the ignition coil is broken, it cannot be driven.

Decades ago, we spent a night in the car because of a broken ignition coil.

For car owners, if you want to make the ignition coil longer life, you must pay attention to the use of spark plugs. Using aging spark plugs will increase their workload. In addition, pay attention to the water temperature of the car. The ignition coil of the car with high water temperature is easy to burn out.

In fact, the damage of the ignition coil is easier to judge. When the vehicle is driving, the engine suddenly jitters abnormally (after driving a long kilometer), accompanied by obvious lack of power, then you have to consider the possibility of ignition There is a problem with the coil.

1.Judgement of the quality of automobile ignition coil

1)Under idling speed, the vehicle body shakes obviously. Observing the outlet of the exhaust pipe, the exhaust gas flow from the car has obvious intermittent. At the same time, the exhaust pipe vibrates greatly.

2)During driving, when the speed is below 2500 rpm, the vehicle body shakes obviously, and acceleration is weak; when the speed exceeds 2500 rpm, the jitter disappears.

3)Open the engine cover, observe the running engine, and find that the engine shakes obviously. This kind of jitter is obviously not the jitter under normal engine working conditions, and the jitter is very large.

If only one ignition coil fails, the remaining three cylinders work normally, and emergency driving is not a problem, but it is very unfavorable to the car's engine, base, and connecting parts. The auto repair master recommends that the owner temporarily stop using the cylinder lacking vehicle. If the ignition coil of more than one cylinder is burned, it is recommended to stop driving immediately.

2.How long is the life of a car ignition coil

The function of the ignition coil is to allow the spark plug to "generate a spark" to ignite the part of the mixed gas in the cylinder. In fact, it is a transformer responsible for converting the low-voltage current of the vehicle into high-voltage electricity. Under normal circumstances, each cylinder is equipped with a set of the ignition coil and spark plug. The service life of the ignition coil is generally 100,000 kilometers or more.

3.Ignition coil aging maintenance case

There were signs of fire when the engine was started, but the car never started, and unburnt exhaust gas was discharged from the exhaust pipe. During maintenance, the opening of the choke door was changed and the engine was started, but the malfunction did not improve.

Causes, diagnosis, and troubleshooting

Remove the spark plug and smell the gasoline on the spark plug. Unplug the high-voltage wire 3~7mm away from the cylinder to do a fire jump test, there is a spark. Preliminary judgment is that the fault may be caused by the mixed gas being too thick.

The reasons for the mixed gas being too thick are: the air filter is too dirty; the throttle valve choke cannot be opened or closed completely; the oil level of the float chamber is adjusted too high; the oil inlet needle valve is not closed tightly; the air volume hole of the main fuel supply system of the fuel injector is blocked; the thickening device is not tightly closed, etc.

When overhauling, first check that the air filter is not dirty. Changing the opening of the choke door, the fault has not been eliminated.

Then remove the fuel injector, the main fuel supply hole is not blocked, and the thickening device is well sealed. From the inspection, the fuel system is working normally. Check that the cylinder compression pressure also meets the requirements. It is estimated that the fault may still lie in the ignition system. Check that the ignition system, the distributor cap, and the spark plug are normal. The ignition module was replaced later, and the fault remained.

 ignition coil

Finally, it is suspected that the ignition coil is defective. I found an ignition coil and installed it on the car for trial. The car started smoothly. It turned out that the ignition coil was aging and failed to work. Sometimes there was no high-voltage fire during the ignition process, which caused the ignition system to fail to fire and the car could not catch.

After replacing the ignition coil, the fault disappeared.

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