Why Are Ignition Coils So Important?

Aug. 06, 2021

Why Are Ignition Coils So Important?

The ignition coil is the unsung hero of the engine. The spark plug gets all the glory by providing sparks to ignite the combustion, but it is the ignition coil that provides power to the spark plug. The coil draws the voltage from the 12V battery, amplifies it, and sends it through the spark plug. Just as it is important to know when your spark plug fails, it is equally important to know the signs of a wrong ignition coil.

Usually, each cylinder has an ignition coil. It is a tubular part consisting of a laminated iron core wrapped in two coils of copper wire. The coil is either directly connected to the spark plug, or it sits nearby and is connected to a short high-voltage wire.

Hyundai engines no longer have distributors. Instead, the powertrain control module tells each coil when to ignite the spark plug. The process is like this:

When you start the car, turn the key to the ignition position to charge the ignition system, including the coil.

The ignition coil converts the low voltage of the battery into a high voltage current.

The power system control module tells each coil and plug when to ignite.

The spark plug then ignites the air/fuel mixture, producing enough combustion to drive the engine.

When you turn the key and everything goes well, the engine starts right up. In the background, a series of things will start your car. The car’s brain (electronic control module) directs the ignition coil to deliver power to the spark plug. The gap in your spark plug literally causes sparks in the engine cylinder and ignites the fuel to force the cylinder to move up and down. Then the engine starts to spin, which produces all kinds of magic to turn the wheels so that you can glide on the road.

The ignition coil is copper wire wrapped around a piece of iron. Modern cars usually have an ignition coil for each spark plug. So, if you have a six-cylinder engine, chances are you have six coils. However, there are exceptions. Some cars have an ignition coil for every two spark plugs.

Why should you care about this? If the ignition coil is broken, the engine will make strange noises. You might even see a flashing check engine light. Never continue driving if you see the check engine light flashing.

ignition coil

ignition coil

One reason for the failure of the ignition coil is that the spark plug is old and fatigued. This is why we recommend that you perform preventive maintenance and regularly replace spark plugs.

Oil leaks on the rubber boots of your coil can also cause the coil to short-circuit and fail. So this is a good reason to solve the oil leaks.

A broken ignition coil can also burn your car's brain. This is a very expensive repair. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our ignition coils or other products.

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