7 Signs That Your Ignition Coil Is Malfunctioning

Jul. 02, 2021

7 Signs That Your Ignition Coil Is Malfunctioning

The ignition coil is the unsung hero of the engine. The spark plug gets all the glory by providing sparks to ignite the combustion, but it is the ignition coil that provides power to the spark plug. The coil draws the voltage from the 12V battery, amplifies it, and sends it through the spark plug. Just as it is important to know when your spark plug fails, it is equally important to know the signs of a wrong ignition coil.

A coil failure may cause performance and structural problems for the vehicle.

Your car won't start

There is nothing more frustrating than jumping into your car, turning the key, but not being able to start. Although there are many problems that may cause the car to fail to start, the faulty ignition coil is the most important. If you notice that your car is difficult to start in a cold environment, this is also a warning signal of a potential ignition coil failure.

Your engine check light is on

There are good reasons for the horrible inspection of engine lights. If your car has a performance problem, such as a fire, the computer will be triggered and the check engine light will come on. Since light can be triggered by various problems, it is best to give your car to a trusted mechanic and let them read the error code.

Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

Your engine stalls

Performance issues are some of the most common symptoms associated with ignition coil failure. A compromised spark can cause many problems, including engine stalls, which will cause your vehicle to stall when it stops.

Reduce fuel economy

If you notice a drop in your MPG, it may be due to a failing ignition coil. If the spark plug receives less energy from the battery, your vehicle will make up for the lack of power transmission by using more fuel and struggle in doing so.

You see an oil leak

The ignition coil is usually housed in an oil-filled housing. If the coil overheats too much, the housing may crack and leak oil. This, in turn, may cause water to enter the carburetor, which may adversely affect vehicle performance.

Backfiring and poor catalytic converter performance

The black smoke and gasoline smell from your car are not only embarrassing, but they may be an early symptom of a malfunctioning ignition coil. When unused fuel is discharged through the exhaust system, backfiring occurs. If left unmanaged, it could cause serious damage to your exhaust system, including the catalytic converter.

You are overdue for a new spark plug

If your spark plug is worn or malfunctions, the ignition coil is forced to operate at a much higher output, which will cause the ignition coil to malfunction prematurely.

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