How Often Should Car Spark Plugs Be Replaced?

Jan. 15, 2021

How Often Should Car Spark Plugs Be Replaced?

The automobile spark plug is part of the ignition system. Its main function is to introduce the high-voltage electricity of the ignition coil into the engine cylinder, and generate a spark between the spark plug electrodes to ignite the mixed gas so that the engine can work, thus starting the car. Due to the different materials of spark plugs, the service life is also different.

What factors affect spark plug life

Although the material of the spark plug determines its service life, the car model and driving habits will affect the service life of the spark plug.

Different working conditions will shorten the service life of spark plugs

Engine carbon deposits, oil burning, high operating temperature, regardless of hot or cold, etc., will reduce the life of the spark plug. The two points of carbon deposit and oil burning are easy to understand, but compared with the situation of excessively high temperature, hot and cold, etc., we don't know much about this, so let's briefly introduce it below:

Using the wrong hot and cold model will also reduce the life of the spark plug

To put it simply, the spark plug models are also divided into three types: cold, medium, and hot. For different models, if the wrong spark plug model is used, not only will the use time of the spark plug be shortened, but the carbon deposit in the engine will increase. For some high-speed engines, because of the increased heat generation, cold spark plugs with better heat dissipation are required.

The higher the ignition frequency, the shorter the spark plug life

Even if the material of the spark plug is very good, there is a situation that no matter how good the material is, the use time of the spark plug will not be very long, that is, frequent ignition. Continuous ignition will load the electrode of the spark plug, and even the best material cannot withstand the damage caused by frequent ignition. Just like an iron bar, you can bend it back and forth several times, but if you bend it back and forth repeatedly, the bar will eventually break.

Frequent ignition of spark plugs is the same as frequent bending of iron bars. No matter how good the material is, it cannot withstand frequent wear.

Often run to construction sites, run mountain roads, muddy places, etc.

Vehicles often run in good condition, like electricity running on construction sites, mountain roads, muddy roads, etc. These factors lead to shortened spark plug life, and the replacement cycle needs to be advanced. If the car often runs at high speeds or runs in good conditions, the replacement cycle should be delayed.

What are the taboos when using spark plugs?

The spark plug is a part of the engine ignition system that has many failures and is also a relatively fragile part. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some taboos when using it:

Avoid long-term unclean carbon deposits

When the spark plug is in use, there is a large number of carbon deposits on the bottom electrode part, which needs to be cleaned up in time to prevent the occurrence of faults that cause electric leakage or even flashover due to excessive carbon deposits.

Spark Plugs

Avoid long-term use

After using for a period of time, spark plugs need to be replaced and cannot be used for a long time, because each type of spark plug will have a use time. When the use of time is exceeded, its work efficiency and the economy will decrease.

Avoid hot and cold

In addition to the difference in appearance and size, spark plugs are also divided into three types: cold type, medium type, and hot type. If it is a vehicle with high speed and high compression ratio, cold type spark plugs are required; while low compression ratio, low Hot spark plugs should be used for speed engines, and medium spark plugs are in between.

Avoid too tight installation

During the installation of the spark plug, it must be installed in accordance with the rules. When installing with professional tools, do not use too much force or too much force, otherwise, it will cause the spark plug to malfunction. But it should not be installed too loosely, otherwise, it will cause the engine to work abnormally.

What will happen if the spark plug is not replaced?

When the spark plug has been used for a certain period of time. If you keep changing it, it will bring about some negative effects.

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